COMBATING COVID: HMA have created a series of video to address hot topics concerning COVID19 and the Hmong community. Please check it out here. If you have any questions that you would like to address, please contact us via email or facebook.










HMA is the first and leading Hmong medical organization in the world.


Become part of a growing community of medical providers committed to evidence-based practices and receive practice and career benefits.

HMA serves as an academic, social, and professional support network for its members, as well as a service organization for the community.


HMA members are comprised of MDs, DOs, and medical students. 


HMA is an official 501(c)(3), registered with the state of Minnesota.  


HMA is committed to addressing the special health needs of the Hmong community.












HMA can be found all over the country. Learn how you can get invovle and make a difference. Get involved!

Now accepting applications for the HMA Scholarships!


The vaccine reduces your risk of COVID-19 infection. Vaccines are widely available.